Pacific Southwest Intercollegiate Choral Association


I. The Name

 The name of the organization is the Pacific Southwest Intercollegiate Choral Association (PSICA).

II. The Purpose

The purpose of the PSICA is to promote excellence in choral performance by means of an annual
Choral Festival and the adjudication of the performance of participating groups by highly qualified
nationally-recognized choral conductors.

III. Membership

Membership in PSICA is open to institutions of higher learning in Southern California which have
choral music programs and indicate a commitment to participate in the  Associations annual

PSICA admits new members on vote of its directors.  Applications for membership may be
submitted to the Executive Secretary, who, in turn, will pass them on to the directors for
consideration. (???) Membership is limited to fourteen member schools.

An institution scheduled, but not participating in the Festival for two successive years shall forfeit
membership in PSICA.

IV. Voting

Opportunities at annual meeting ?? method for voting throughout the academic year one vote per 

V. Officers

     A. The Board of Directors.
           The director of each member institutions mixed chorus serves on the Board of Directors.

           The Board of Directors shall:

           1. Consider and act on all requests for membership.

           2. Determine the sequence for rotating the responsibility for hosting the annual Festival.
           3. Appoint the Executive Secretary.
           4. Appoint the Treasurer.
           5. Determine the fee to be paid for professional recording of the Festival, as recommended by
                the Executive Secretary.
           6. Authorize the expenditure of Association funds, as may be requested by the president, for the 
                annual Festival, and the Executive. Secretary, for other necessary expenses.
           7. Authorize the Executive Secretary to notify non-participating institutions of loss of membership
               where appropriate.

    B. The President.
         The President of the Board of Directors shall be the host director for the next annual Festival
         and assume office at the end of the previous Festival. The President shall serve until the
         conclusion of the Festival for which s/he is responsible.

         The President shall:

         1. Select the Festival Adjudicator and, after consultation with the member directors, determine
              the honorarium.
         2. Receive the agreement of the adjudicator and explain in full all of the arrangements and
        3. Provide a site for the annual Festival, comprising both a concert venue, warm-up spaces,
            and rehearsal space for the Honor Choir/Workshop, without expense to the Association.
        4. Communicate in a timely manner with the participating directors, informing them of the
            date, location, Honor Choir repertoire (if appropriate), and other pertinent information
            regarding the Festival and the directors annual luncheon meeting.
        5. Forward to the Executive Secretary the adjudicators list of pieces to be rehearsed by the
            Honor Choir or used in the workshop.
        6. Establish a schedule for the Festival and the Honor Choir/workshop session.
        7. Determine the rehearsal times to be allowed to choirs participating in the Festival.
        8. Arrange and mark seating and warm-up spaces and any necessary accommodations for
            participating groups.
        9. Arrange for printing of the Festival program, including publisher information and
            appropriate translations as provided by the directors.
      10. Make arrangements for the directors luncheon meeting, including food and meeting space.
      11. Provide housing and meals for the adjudicator if needed.
      12. Set the time and arrange a place for the Honor Choir/workshop session.
      13. Provide sufficient personnel to serve as ushers, guides, timekeepers and runners, as may
             be required.
      14. Forward all bills to the Treasurer for payment, as authorized by the Board of Directors.
VI. The Adjudicator

Arrangements for and with the adjudicator should be completed as far in advance of the annual Festival

as possible. The honorarium to be paid is requested by the president and authorized by the Board of Directors.

Economy class air fare or its equivalent is also to be authorized, as appropriate.

     The adjudicator shall:

       1. Lead a rehearsal with the Honor Choir during the afternoon of the annual Festival or conduct a
       2. Provide the president with the selections to be rehearsed by the Honor Choir, including the
           publisher and number of each.
       3. Be a guest at the directors luncheon.
       4. Provide the Executive Secretary with written comments on the performances of the
           participating choirs at the conclusion of the Festival.

VII. The Executive Secretary, The Treasurer

The Executive Secretary of PSICA is appointed by the Directors of the Association and serves without salary.

The Treasurer of PSICA is appointed by the Directors of the Association and serves without salary.

        The Executive Secretary and Treasurer shall:

        1. Maintain timely communication with the directors regarding payment of dues, details of the annual Festival and Honor Choir    

            session, and such other matters as may be appropriate.
        2. Obtain approval of the directors for the fee to be paid for professional recording of the
        3. Arrange for the professional recording of the Festival, with one copy of the recording being
            given to each director and additional copies being made available for sale at cost.
        4.  Assist the president, as requested, in planning and presenting the annual Festival.
        5. Reproduce and forward to the directors the comments of the Festival adjudicator.
        6. Distribute an annual membership roster.
        7. Initiate and monitor special correspondence, as directed by the Board of Directors.
        8. Prepare and submit for the directors approval a budget covering the necessary expenses of
            the office.

VIII. Member Directors

In addition to their membership and participation on the Board of Directors, individual directors have

personal responsibilities.

 Each individual director shall:

        1. Furnish the president with all concert program information in ACDAformat, including publishers and appropriate    

        2. Provide the president with accurate timings for Festival selections.
        3. Adhere closely to the schedule established for the Festival, including arrival times, warm-up
            times, etc.
        4. Require all his/her students to stay for the entire Festival and observe appropriate concert
        5.  Attend the annual meeting of the Board or send a proxy authorized to vote on Board business.

IX. The Honor Choir/Workshop

Each member institution may send an octet (SSAATTBB) to the two hour afternoon Honor Choir
session or workshop with the guest adjudicator. Schools who are not participating in the Festival 

may-send an octet.